the barn

The barn at GONE TO GROUND FARM is an airy, spacious structure, housing twelve 12’ x 12’ matted stalls. Light enters from the overhead panels as well as ten 4’ x 4’ windows with winter inserts. The brightness keeps the horses happy, especially on days when they must stay in.

Each stall provides privacy time when wanted and yet, allows the horses to hang their heads over the yoked gates to watch the goings-on in the barn.

barn at night

Function topped the list when designing the barn. There are six 14’ wide entrances/exits. This allows for wonderful breezes during the hot months while closing up snugly for winter. Pavers keep the floor dust free. Hay is stored in separate barns.

Being an “H” shaped barn with three 14’ aisles allows for plenty of room for coming and going. The barn has three wash racks with hot/cold water, plus five sets of cross ties inside and three sets outside.


The open-sided covered arena measures 80’ x 200’. The footing is built on a clay base, packed with watered screenings and topped with C-33 sand. Cedar shavings are added from time to time. The arena has lights for special occasions. Leylands have been planted to eventually provide green walls.

The all-weather outside arena measures 80’ x 200’, again with a clay base and screenings. This ring overlooks the hay field.

laughing horse

The insulated, winter-warm bathroom keeps the riders’ buns toasty. Also included is an insulated “sink” room for warming bits and preparing hot bran mashes.

A two-stall Amish barn was added in 2008 to accomodate two pasture horses who have no idea how lucky they are.