Dressage Instruction

Colleen at show

Dressage training focuses on developing a deep, independent, effective seat. Mastering the seat takes as long as it takes; there are no short-cuts. It is hard work.

Lessons at GONE TO GROUND FARM are individual, 45-minute sessions. One skill builds on another and exercises both on and off the horse are an integral part. Development of the rider’s core is paramount.


Our students are stretched tall and extended long; they are the extension of the horse. A GTG student learns to ride with her seat and legs in lieu of pulling in the horse’s mouth. Lessons emphasize the use of the rider’s seat bones. Positive reinforcement encourages each student. Lessons are given on trained GTG horses for those who do not own. Many students either board in the barn or trailer in, i.e., they own their own horses.


Our students participate both in the NCDCTA recognized schooling shows here at GONE TO GROUND FARM, as well as schooling shows offered in the area. They are always in the ribbons with comments from the judges that it is so nice to see students riding with the seat.

Noah in the water

The training program for our horses follows the German National Equestrian Federation pyramid scale of the following: rhythm, relaxation, acceptance of the bit, impulsion, straightness and collection. By training with this system, the horse develops the correct muscles and the correct attitude, resulting in a long productive life.

Yetzen in the water

The horses at GTG are started long and low and sent forward toward the bit. Not only do our horses know what to expect with each ride, but they also find comfort in building their bodies properly.

In addition to arena work, our horses are introduced to trails and water. The horses think this is fun! Our boarders enjoy the trails of Cane Creek, the sand roads of Southern Pines and the hills around the farm.